Clear and Colored Hand Hybrid Stretch Film

We have mentioned our hybrid stretch film before in several of our previous posts. Our hybrid stretch film is considered by many as the future of the stretch film industry. Different manufactures have their own names, but it is a multi-layered stretch film that is thinner and stronger.

A thinner stretch film means less film used, therefore reduction of stretch film costs. Stretch wrap resin is a petroleum-based product that fluctuates in price with the petroleum market. Over the past several years the rise in petroleum prices have encouraged manufacturers to produce stretch film that promotes less waste and saves on costs.

The two main advances in stretch film waste reduction have been pre stretch film and multi-layered stretch film. We recently wrote a post about our pre stretch film and the advantages it offers. In a nutshell, it is a traditional 80 gauge stretch film stretched up to 90% of its maximum stretch potential. That reduces the amount of energy needed to apply the film, promoting less waste because of the ability to reach full stretch potential. Another advantage of the pre stretch film is the thinner, longer rolls use as much resin as the thicker shorter rolls of traditionally gauged stretch film. The drawback of the pre stretch film is overall strength. We recommend the pre stretch film for loads under 1200 lbs. The loads should also have fairly smooth uniform edges to reduce the chance of tearing.

The hybrid stretch film is a great alternative for the loads over 1200 lbs. It is an excellent cost saving film that is stronger and made for heavier loads. The hybrid stretch film is a cast hand stretch film composed of multiple layers. These layers along with a special metallocene additive help increase strength. Metallocene is a compound derived from ferrocene, and offers a metalic element to help strengthen the film.

We recommend hybrid stretch film to anyone currently using a 60, 70, 75, or 80 gauge stretch film. If you are currently using a standard gauged stretch film it will not offer the same amount of stretch, but will have enough stretch and cling to hold products in place. We do not recommend hybrid stretch film for loads with real sharp or jagged edges. These edges can often rip or tear the thinner hybrid film.

We have offered our hybrid bundling film online for several months now. Now we offer a clear hybrid hand stretch film and a colored hybrid hand stretch film. Our colored hybrid stretch film comes in red, blue, green, and black colors. It is a color tinted film, perfect for color coding pallet loads and identifying products.

If you have any questions about the performance of our hybrid film our would like a quote for an order over 10 cases, call us at 1-800-441-5090 or visit our website.

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