How to Package and Preserve Food for the Upcoming Holidays

In the United States, 200 million pounds of turkey go to waste every year at Thanksgiving alone.  Simultaneously, 48 million Americans develop foodborne illnesses every year — and holiday meals are a notorious culprit for food poisoning and food safety problems. It’s a challenge to keep food safe during the holidays while at the same time avoiding food waste when […]

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Heavy Duty Heat Sealers

Heavy duty heat sealers are different than standard impulse heat sealers. Heavy duty heat sealers are made to seal large and heavy bags made of many different materials. They need to provide enough heat to seal thick materials holding heavy products. Seals have to be wider and more durable than standard heat sealers. Heavy duty […]

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How To Return Online Orders

In 2018, Black Friday/Cyber Monday week was the busiest week ever for online shopping according to CBS News. Increased online ordering reduces car traffic and customers inside of retail stores. It also leads to more returns sent back to online retailers. In fact, many online retailers include a return label with orders that are sent […]

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Printed Poly Bags for Amazon Packaging

Printed poly bags are an excellent way to brand packaging, secure product shipments, and are 100% recyclable. Amazon packaging guidelines specifically identify poly bags to be used for packaging products with high scent, liquids, and products that may spill and destroy other shipped items. Below is a screenshot of the requirements from Amazon for poly […]

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Amazon Packaging Drop Testing

Amazon requires drop testing to ensure product containers and packaging can withstand transportation stress during shipping. The overall goal is to enhance the customer experience. Durable containers and packaging help to prevent product spillage and damage. Amazon packaging requirements and testing change from time to time. Currently, the Amazon Quick Reference Packaging and Shipping Guide […]

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