Packaging Material Types and Uses

There are many different packaging materials available throughout the world. Whether packaging items regularly or only occasionally, there are many choices.Packaging throughout the world differs significantly and understanding some of the unique types of packaging will help make an informed decision prior to making a purchase. Here are a few things to keep in mind […]

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How to Package and Preserve Food for the Upcoming Holidays

In the United States, 200 million pounds of turkey go to waste every year at Thanksgiving alone.  Simultaneously, 48 million Americans develop foodborne illnesses every year — and holiday meals are a notorious culprit for food poisoning and food safety problems. It’s a challenge to keep food safe during the holidays while at the same time avoiding food waste when […]

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Stop Freezer Burn

Foods are made of organic sources that decompose over time. Without the use of food preservation, many food items would spoil within days. Freezer storage is a great way to extend food storage life. One drawback to freezer storage is freezer burn. How do you prevent freezer burn? Eliminating air exposure during freezer storage is […]

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