How To Use a Strapping Machine

The two most common strapping machines are hand-held tensioners and stand-alone strapping machines. Handheld tensioners pull strapping tight around boxes while a strapping seal is crimped to hold the strapping in place. Stand-alone strapping machines use a foot pedal or photo eye to strap boxes as they move through the machine. Perfect for strengthening heavy […]

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Pallet Covers To Protect Products

Product inventory whether stored indoors, outdoors, cooled, or non cooled environments should be protected. At U.S. Packaging & Wrapping we sell a large variety of materials to assist in protecting products for storage, load transportation, retail sales, and industrial sales. Most our of shrink wrap materials are to protect merchandise for retail and industrial sales. […]

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Strapping Closures

Strapping can be made from a variety of materials. Each one of those materials can be beneficial to a variety of applications. Different types of plastic and metal strapping can use different closures to help seal and secure loads. We offer a large variety of polypropylene and polyester strapping products. The most common type of […]

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Plastic Strapping Information & Uses

Plastic strapping is used in a variety of situations. Plastic strapping is commonly used for load stabilization and unitizing products together. Many people choose to use a combination of stretch film, and strapping to help secure loads of different sizes and weights. Polypropylene strapping is the most common type of strapping. It can be used […]

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