101 Products Ideal For Shrink Wrap Packaging

Shrink wrap packaging is a generic term often used to describe packaged products. Most people do not realize it comes in a variety of different forms and is used to package millions of different products around the world. Many new and existing business owners are often lost when beginning to determine the right type of packaging for a new or existing product. This guide is intended to assist with the discovery process and offer possible solutions for new product packaging.

The products below are broken down into the different forms of shrink wrap packaging to better understand the specific product often used with each product.

Shrink (Neck) Banding

Shrink Banding – Commonly made of PVC, shrink banding is used with bottles as a safety seal to ensure customers that products have not been tampered with.

Liquid medicines

Contact Solution

Bottled Drinks

Liquid Soaps


Pet Treatments

Salad dressing

Hot Sauce

Lemon Juice



Printed Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Sleeves – Shrink sleeves are pre-cut printed shrink tubes that slide over bottles and jars. Shrink sleeves are a great form of marketing and are often printed on. Printed shrink sleeves require fully custom orders with minimum order requirements to begin production. Clear PVC shrink sleeves are often cut to size from continuous rolls of tubing and more readily available than custom shrink sleeves.


Sports Drinks

Dairy Products

Medicine bottles

Energy shots

Double Packed Products


Hair Spray


Canned drinks

Cleaning Supplies

Candy Jars

Shrink Bags

Shrink Bags – Shrink bags have three closed sides. Users insert products into pre-made bags and seal the open of the bag with a sealer. Shrink bags are most commonly made from PVC or polyolefin shrink film.



Custom Soap


Business Cards

Printed Stationary

Dog Treats



Gift Baskets




Snack Cakes


Petri Dishes

Marketing Materials



Hair Balms

Surf Wax

Shrink Bundling Film

Shrink Bundling Film – Most shrink bundling film comes in a 2 mil thickness and thicker. Shrink Bundling film is often made from a single wound polyethylene shrink film. Single wound means the film comes off the roll flat.

Bottled Water

Canned Goods

Heavy Retail Boxes

Double Packs of Charcoal

Bundled Firewood

Surf Boards

Hardwood Flooring

Power tools


Cases of Soda

Bundled Metal Products

Tool Boxes


Bundled Lumber

Shrink Tubing

Shrink Tubing – Shrink tubing has two closed sides and comes on a continuous roll. Shrink tubing is the same as a shrink sleeve except most often sold in clear and continuous PVC rolls.

Plastic Tubing

PVC Pipe

Wooden Dowel Rods

Metal Piping



Elongated Cans

Molding and Trim

Flexible Hoses

Towels and Small Rugs



Stacks of Cups


Giant Toy Pencils

Centerfold Shrink Film

Centerfold Shrink Film – Centerfolded shrink film is the most popular form of shrink wrapping. Film is folded in half length-ways and wound onto a roll. A 24 inch flat film is folded in half to 12 inches and wound onto a roll. The crease creates a pocket to put the product into. Most high-speed and semi-auto machines use centerfold shrink film.



Picture Frames

Video Games

Computer Software


Product Replacement Parts

Assorted small products with backer board

Granola Bars





Bundled Product Packs


Craft Supplies


Stacks of Stickers



Personal Care Products

Board Games

Cutting Boards

Vanity License Plates

Bathing Accessories

Collectors Shoes

Party Supplies

Sidewalk Chalk

Shrink wrap is a professional and affordable form of packaging for large and small businesses. Feel free to use this list as a guide to help determine the best film to be used for your application. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need any further assistance.

Shop online at www.uspackagingandwrapping.com or call us at 1-800-441-5090 for assistance!

5 Things To Know About Stretch Film Converting

Many people purchasing stretch film are not aware of the stretch film conversion process, which is perfectly fine. There are many products we purchase and have no idea how they are made. We wanted to share information about the stretch film conversion process to help potential stretch film buyers in their purchase.

The actual manufacturing process of stretch film is called extrusion. A couple of years ago we wrote a blog post about the stretch film extrusion process. The extrusion process requires the melting and forming of the stretch film resin. The end product is most commonly a master roll. The large master roll is then converted to a variety of stretch film sizes.

The process of conversion is what we are going to focus on. Being aware of this process assists stretch film buyers in a variety of ways which are explained below.

Stretch Film Conversion Requires the unwinding of a Master Roll

The large master roll created during the extrusion process must be unwound to convert the stretch film. The master roll can vary in size and width.

How does this help a buyer? The conversion process takes time. If a specific size is not in stock, there is often a 2-5 day lead time for film conversion.

Stretch Film Master roll

Stretch Film Converting Machines Feature Electronic Length Counters

An electronic length counter enables converters to adjust roll lengths according to film thickness. Thicker stretch film often has shorter rolls than thinner film. This helps to keep the overall roll weight comparable.

How does this help a buyer? The electronic roll counters are extremely accurate to ensure customers get the desired length of film.

Digital Length Counter

Stretch Film Conversion Limits are Often Constrained By Available Core Sizes

Stretch film converting machines often allow the converter to reduce the master roll to any size desired. One of the key limitations in conversion sizes is the size of the core. The core is the cardboard on the inside of the roll of stretch film. Cores are often made by a variety of cardboard corrugaters and sent to stretch film converters.

How does this help a buyer? A stretch film converter is often limited to the size of rolls based on the core sizes available. Requesting an oddball width such as a 2.75 inch wide stretch film roll would require the production of a core size in that width. This is often not possible and too costly to do so. This is why we are often limited to standard sized widths.

Stretch Film Cores

Stretch Film Converting Can Also Produce Pre-Stretch Stretch Film

Another popular product produced with stretch film conversion is Pre-stretch stretch film. During the conversion process of a pre-stretch stretch film, stretch film is pulled from the master roll and stretched up to 90% of available stretchability and placed on a smaller roll.

How does this help a buyer? Pre-stretch stretch film is a great option for companies to look into. Because the film is stretched prior to being placed on a roll, workers have to exert less energy when applying the film. Another great advantage is it is much cheaper than a standard stretch film. Being aware of the pre-stretch converting possibilities can potentially save companies thousands of dollars in stretch film costs.

Prestretched Stretch Film

Stretch Film Conversion is Responsible for the Rise of Coreless Stretch Film

Coreless stretch film is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. Stretch film converters pre-stretch film from a master roll without the use of a core in the machine. Eliminating the cost of the core helps to reduce overall stretch film costs. Eliminating a stretch film core also reduces product lost due to damaged cores.

How does this help a buyer? Coreless stretch film is a great option to consider if wrapping lighter pallets. Aside from the two reasons above, shipping weights on coreless stretch film rolls are substantially less as well.

Coreless Stretch Film

The stretch film conversion process plays a very important roll in bringing a variety of finished products to end users. If you need any further assistance with stretch film quotes, questions, or applications feel free to contact us at 1-800-441-5090 or shop online at www.uspackagingandwrapping.com.

Different Types of Shrink Wrap

The term shrink wrap is a generic term often used in commercial packaging, retail packaging, food packaging, and industrial packaging. Because a lot of our business is composed of shrink wrap products we get calls all the time for “shrink wrap” quote requests. Often times people do not realize there are many different types of shrink wrap as well as many materials shrink wrap is made from.

We thought it would be helpful to write an extensive blog post about the different types of shrink wrap. Because the types of shrink wrap vary in range dramatically, we do not offer all of the types mentioned. Every type we offer in the list below will have a connected link.

Before we get in to the types of shrink wrap, we want to make a quick mention to what shrink wrap is not. The most mistaken product referred to as shrink wrap is stretch film. The plastic wrap product often used to wrap pallet loads. Though called a shrink wrap, no heat is applied and the stretch film does not actually shrink. It is a stretch film, stretch wrap, or often called a pallet wrap.

All of the types of shrink wrap listed below require heat to be applied for the material to begin shrinking. We have tried to offer possible suppliers to consider for the types of shrink wrap we do not offer.

Types of Shrink Wrap

Centerfold Shrink Wrap

Centerfold Shrink Wrap– One of the most common types of shrink wrap for retail packaging. Centerfold shrink wrap is folded in half length-ways and placed on a roll. This allows users to slide the product being wrapped between the film, seal the open ends, and then apply heat. Centerfold shrink wrap is most commonly made from PVC and Polyolefin. Some suppliers do offer a Polyethylene centerfold shrink film.

Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Sleeves- Another very common type of shrink wrap for retail packaging. Shrink sleeves are often printed on and placed over bottles to brand products. Shrink sleeves often have a lower maximum shrink rate to keep from distorting printing. Preparing plates and design mock ups can often be extensive as well as meeting required product minimums. A couple companies to consider contacting for shrink sleeves are: Source One Packaging and shrinksleevelabels.com.
shrink wrap tubing

Shrink Tubing The main difference between shrink tubing and shrink sleeves is shrink tubing is often on a continuous roll. Shrink sleeves are pre-cut to fit the product being packaged. Shrink tubing is often made from PVC of Polyethylene. Tubing made from PVC is often used for retail packaging longer objects, while polyethylene tubing is often used for packaging cases of liquids and canned products.

Another common use for shrink tubing is electrical shrink tubing. It is often made from a seamless, very thick polyolefin. Electrical shrink tubing is not commonly used in packaging so we will not go into much detail. Some great sources for electrical shrink tubing are Grainger and more locally Autozone.

shrink band

Shrink Banding- Shrink banding is another form of tubing or sleeve except much smaller. Most people are familiar with shrink banding as a safety seal wrapped around over-the-counter medicines and toiletries. Shrink banding is often made from a PVC shrink wrap and requires a low shrink temperature. Shrink banding often comes with easy-to-open perforations. Most shrink banding is custom made to fit the specific bottle being packaged, but some companies do stock a lot of different banding sizes. A few companies to check out if interested in shrink banding are: packagingoptionsdirect.com and SKS Bottle and Packaging.

Shrink Bags

Shrink Bags- Shrink bags are very easy to describe. They have three enclosed sides and one open side. Users insert a product inside the bag, seal the open end and apply heat. Shrink bags are most commonly available in PVC, but we offer PVC and food grade polyolefin shrink bags.

Industrial Shrink Wrap

Industrial Shrink Wrap- Industrial and Marine shrink wrap is often very thick heat shrink wrap made to wrap large objects. One of the most common uses for industrial shrink wrap is the winterization of boats. Industrial shrink wrap can cover and protect boats and other objects during harsh winter months. Industrial shrink wrap is often made from Polyethylene or Polypropylene. Thicknesses often start at 6 Mils and go up to 20 Mils. Several online companies offer Industrial grade shrink wrap. Here are a couple of companies to check out if interested in industrial shrink wrap: Dr Shrink and Big Shrink.

Single Wound Shrink Wrap

Single Wound Shrink Wrap– Single wound shrink wrap is an industry term that means a lay flat shrink wrap. It is simply wound onto the roll flat instead of centerfolded. Single wound PVC and Polyolefin shrink wrap are very difficult to find these days. Most packaging machines are made for centerfolded PVC or Polyolefin shrink wrap. One of the most common single wound shrink wraps is a Polyethylene single wound shrink wrap. Single wound polyethylene rolls are very commonly used with high speed shrink bundlers for packaging water and a variety of other liquids.

Shrink Tape- Shrink tape is often used in place of electrical shrink tubing. Users often wrap electrical wires with shrink tape and apply heat to them to shrink and fit to wires. Shrink tape is often used to connect multiple wires together.

Another form of shrink tape is used for Industrial shrink wrap mentioned above. The shrink tape is often used to connect two sheets of industrial shrink wrap or repair holes. If interested in the electrical shrink tape visit Xtremetape.com. For the industrial shrink tape, Dr. Shrink sells it online.

Pallet Shrink Bags

Pallet Shrink Wrap Bags– Prior to the popularity of stretch film, pallet shrink bags used to be the preferred method of stabilizing and protecting pallet loads of products. Pallet bags are normally made from 3-6 Mil clear polyethylene shrink wrap. Pallet bags are often shrunk with a propane heat gun. They are used to stabilize and protect products during transport.

We are sure somewhere along the way we missed a couple of types of shrink wrap. This should cover the majority of types for anyone looking on the web. Hopefully this post will serve as a guide to assist in finding the right type of shrink wrap for your specific application. If you are interested in one of the many types of shrink wrap we offer, please visit www.uspackagingandwrapping.com.

End of Year Closeout Sale!

As the holiday season approaches and the year winds down, many companies have left over budgets to spend. Investing in materials and machinery is a great way to spend year-end budgets. We are offering an end of the year sale for just that reason.

Through the month of December we are offering free shipping in the Continental US for any order over $2000. This is a huge savings for anyone trying to order machines or supplies in bulk. Some of our stretch wrap and shrink wrap machines cost over $1000 for freight alone.

Any companies looking to mix and match material and machine orders can save as well. Orders can easily be placed online or by calling our sales team. If ordering online enter coupon code: Turkey Turkey

Some of the best products to save on free shipping are listed below.

Eagle 2000BWS stretch wrap machine

Avg. Shipping Costs $600-$900

TL-1622MK Combo Shrink Wrap Machine

Avg. Shipping Costs $350-$700

AVS Vacuum Sealer

Avg. Shipping Costs $140-$350


Stretch Film

Avg. Shipping Costs $120-$300

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Packaging Machine Summer Savings Sale!

The right packaging machines can help increase production, protect products, and promote brands. We offer a large selection and variety of packaging machines online as well as some custom machines. From now until the end of August we are running a machine summer savings sale. Many of out stock machines are on sale and ready to be shipped out. Check out the machines below for details.

Tabletop L Bar Sealer

Was: $631

Now: $570

The 13″x13″ L bar sealer is an excellent shrink wrap machine for packaging a variety of items including: electronics, books, stationary, soaps, and more! The recommended film for the 13″x13″ L Bar sealer is a 12″ or smaller PVC or polyolefin centerfold. An L bar sealer can also be used with shrink bags as well if preferred. The 13″x13″ L Bar sealer comes with the sealer, film rack, and two replacement sealing wires. Call 1-800-441-5090 today with questions or click on the image to shop our online store!

AVS Vacuum Sealer

Was: $1,995

Now: $1,895

The AVS vacuum sealer is a heavy duty vacuum sealer capable of sealing up to 360 products hour. The AVS vacuum sealer requires a 18 gallon external compressor for optimal packaging speeds. All AVS vacuum sealers come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty and are capable of sealing vacuum bags up to an 8 mil thickness. Call 1-800-441-5090 today with questions or click on the image to shop our online store!

Eagle 100 Strapping Machine

Was: $860

Now: $799.99

The Eagle 100 strapping machine 110v is an excellent machine for low to medium production levels. The Eagle 100 can strap up to 30 straps per minute. The Eagle 100 features: adjustable cool down, automatic motor shutoff, instant heat sealing, locking casters, and more! Call 1-800-441-5090 today with questions or click on the image to shop our online store!

TL-1622MK Combo Shrink Wrap Machine

Was: $9,900

Now: $8,999

 The 1622 shrink wrap machine is a plug and play shrink wrap machine capable of packaging over 600 products per hour. The 1622 shrink wrap machine features: Micro Knife sealing wire, auto discharge conveyor, magnetic hold down, adjustable seal time, adjustable tunnel conveyor speed and temp, and more! Call 1-800-441-5090 today with questions or click on the image to shop our online store!

Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrap Machine

Was: $6,200

Now: $7,700

The Eagle 2000B stretch wrap machine is a work horse stretch wrap machine capable of all day applications. It is a stock item and can ship within 48 hours of a completed order. The Eagle 2000B features: Chain driven turntable, 110v plug-in, LCD control panel, machine stretch up to 250%, 12 revolutions per minute, and more! Call 1-800-441-5090 today with questions or click on the image to shop our online store!

Eagle 2000BWS stretch wrap machine

Was: $9,350

Now: $8,995

The Eagle 2000BWS is the standard 2000B stretch wrap machine with a built-in scale capable of a 5,000 lb. weight limit. The eagle 2000BWS features: 110v power supply, 3 year manufacturers warranty, automatic load height sensor, max load height of 87″, and more! Call 1-800-441-5090 today with questions or click on the image to shop our online store!

All machines currently on sale are stock items and can typically ship within 48 hours of a completed order while supplies last. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 or visit www.uspackagingandwrapping.com to view all of our products online.

Protect Products From Electrostatic Discharge

Static discharge can be incredibly damaging to a variety of products across multiple industries. Electronics and flammable products are most commonly effected by electrostatic discharge. We are going to highlight some primary and secondary anti static packaging options for static sensitive products. The proper packaging material will help reduce product loss from static discharge.

Common flexible or plastic packaging materials that protect from static discharge include an anti static additive within the resin mixture. The additive is a chemical that makes the surface of the material resistant to static charging. Many anti static additives attract moisture to create a layer on the surface of the material that is not conductive.

Conductive and shielding materials are also commonly used with static sensitive products. Both conductive and shielding products create a Faraday Cage around enclosed products. A Faraday Cage blocks external static electricity by channeling the electricity around the bag or tubing.

View some common packaging products below that are often used to protect products from static discharge.

Anti Static Poly Bags and Tubing – The anti static additive eliminates the static charge found in case packed poly bags. Anti static

Anti Static Tubing and Bags!

Anti Static Tubing and Bags!

poly bags and tubing are excellent for wrapping individual or bundled products sensitive to static discharge. Another advantage to eliminating static from primary packaging such as poly bags and tubing, is the reduction of dust and other particles attracted to statically charged materials.

We offer sealable static bags and tubing in 2 and 4 mil thicknesses. We also offer reclosable anti static bags in a 4 mil thickness. Our sealable anti static bags and tubing can be used with hand-held impulse sealers or high speed machines. They provide excellent puncture and tear resistance to product products from exterior elements. We have the ability to have custom widths, lengths, and thicknesses produced upon request. Call us for minimums and lead times.

Anti Static Stretch Film – We offer anti static stretch film in both hand and machine rolls. The anti static stretch film uses the same additive found in our anti static poly bags and tubing. Most customers choose anti static stretch film for secondary packaging and securing of full pallet loads of electronics or flammable materials. Many users wrap chemical and flammable drums on pallet skids to protect from electrostatic discharge.

We stock hand rolls of anti static stretch film in 18 inch widths and machine rolls in 20 inch widths. We can have a variety of sizes and thicknesses custom produced. Minimums on custom anti static stretch film are pallet quantities with normal lead times being 2 – 3 weeks.

Conductive Tubing and Bags

Conductive Tubing and Bags

Conductive Bags & Tubing – Conductive tubing and bags are completely opaque and fully conceal enclosed products. All conductive tubing and bags are made from layers of carbon loaded polyethylene to protect products from static discharge. Conductive bags and tubing are normally a great option for obtaining the same advantages of the anti static bags and tubing while still obtaining a completely concealed opaque primary packaging.

All conductive bags and tubing are heat sealable 4 mil thick layered polyethylene. Tubing rolls are offered in 750 ft. lengths and bags are offered in case quantities of 100.

Static Shielding Bags – Static shielding bags are transparent bags that offer Faraday Cage Protection. All static shielding bags are layered bags composed of an anti static exterior. Another interior layer of the bags is made from aluminum to help conduct static charge around the bag.

Static shielding bags are available in a 3 Mil thickness in width from 2 – 24 inches wide. Each case contains 100 bags. We offer quantity discounts beginning at five cases. Call us or request a quote online for quantity pricing.

If you have any questions about packaging for static sensitive products, call us visit us online at www.uspackagingandwrapping.com.

New Packaging Supplies and Machines At U.S. Packaging & Wrapping

We are constantly trying to offer new packaging supplies and machinery available online. Our product development team is always seeking new products to offer for both food and industrial packaging to better serve our customers. Over the past couple of months, they have added a large number of supplies and machines. In this post we are going to highlight some of those additions and how they can assist in packaging a wide variety of products across multiple industries.

New Packaging Supplies


Polyethylene Shrink Bundling FilmPolyethylene shrink bundling film is an excellent option for customers wrapping large heavy Polyethylene Shrink Bundling Filmobjects. We currently stock shrink bundling film in a 2 Mil thickness in widths from 16 – 24 inches. All of our stock rolls are single wound rolls, meaning they come off of the rolls as a flat sheet. We have the capability for custom orders of centerfold shrink bundling film up to a 3 Mil thickness.

Polyethylene shrink bundling film is often used to package cases of bottled water,  canned goods, and other heavy objects. Polyethylene offers excellent puncture and tear resistance. Another common use for shrink bundling film is for bundling firewood. The heavy thickness offers an excellent hold for small bundles of firewood being sold at gas stations and quick-stops around the country. Call us if you have any questions or would like a custom quote.Color Tinted Machine Stretch Film

Color Tinted Machine Stretch FilmWe have always offered a color tinted machine stretch film, but now we are offering new equivalent film rolls. The equivalent machine stretch film rolls are thinner, but offer the same loading strength of an 80 gauge stretch film. We recommend them for any loads up to 2200 lbs. We do not recommend the equivalent film for wrapping products with sharp jagged corners.

We have multiple colors available. All rolls are 20″x5000’x63 ga. Colors available are: Blue, Red, Green, and Black. We have several other colors available in true 80 ga. as well. All pallet loads (40 Rolls) ship free anywhere in the Continental United States. Call us for quote of 5 or more rolls.Discounted Shrink Film

Discount Heat Shrink Film RollsWe have increased our heat shrink film sale items. We have several new sizes of PVC and Polyolefin shrink film rolls now available online. All specials are offered based on a two roll order of each size. Customers can save up to $13 per roll of shrink film by ordering two or more rolls of the same size.

New Shrink Wrap Machines

1519 ECMC Shrink Wrap Combo SystemOur new shrink combo systems offer an L-Bar sealer and shrink tunnel in one machine. The 1519 ECMC has a 15″x19″ L-Bar sealer and a 16″x20″x6″ shrink tunnel. The L-Bar sealer includes a magnetic hold down and an automatic discharge conveyor that transports the sealed package into the shrink tunnel after the seal is complete. See our demo video below for more clarification. All machines can ship within 24 hours of the purchase.

1622 MK Shrink Wrap Combo System The 1622 shrink combo system offers the same benefits as the 1519 except with a larger L-Bar sealer and shrink tunnel. The 1622 MK has a 16″x22″ L-Bar sealer and a 18″x28″x8″ shrink tunnel. Users can wrap several hundreds of products per day up to several thousands of products per day. The video below shows the 1622 MK in action.

Visit our online store to view all of our products. Call us for quotes on any orders over 5 of more products. If you have any questions about freight charges or shipping charges our sales team would be happy to assist.



Plastic Extrusion For Stretch Film

Stretch film is commonly produced by using one of two extrusion processes, cast extrusion and blown extrusion. At U.S. Packaging & Wrapping we only supply cast extruded film. Cast stretch film is more affordable, but does have some disadvantages over blown stretch film. For a detailed post about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of stretch film view our post about stretch film differences. This post we are going to explain about the process of each extrusion technique. See below for a description of each type of plastic extrusion process.

Blown Extrusion– Blown extrusion uses a melted plastic resin extracted into a closed circular bubble with air blown through to cool the resin. The inflated bubble is pulled upward by air and continuously adding more resin. Airflow is also used on the outside of the bubble to cool the film as it is being pulled upward. A continuous seamless tube of thin film is created. After the film has cooled it is slit, then flattened and wound into rolls.

Because blown film uses a slower air cooled method, the film can crystallize and have a slight haze. Blown film is often stronger than cast film and can offer the ability to use a lower gauge compared to cast stretch film. We recommend blown film for companies wrapping very heavy pallet loads with sharp edges and corners.

See the basic image below to see how blown extrusion works.

Blown Plastic Extrusion

Cast Extrusion– Initial machinery start-up costs are often more for cast extrusion than blown, but production is much cheaper than blown extrusion. Cast film extrusion offers the ability to make very thin uniform film. Hybrid stretch films and equivalent stretch films are made with the cast extrusion process.

Cast extrusion uses rollers to cool plastic resin. Once the resin is extracted from the extruder, it is immediately cooled and solidified on cooling rolls. When the film reaches the end of the cooling rolls it is trimmed and can be rolled directly onto a material roll for resale.

There are a variety of cast extrusion processes used image below is a basic explanation to the cast extrusion process.

Cast Extrusion