What do the Recycling Symbols Mean?

The advice around what can and can’t go in the recycling is baffling at the best of times. The rules around recycling constantly change too, but progress is being made, and efforts around garbage disposal mean that less is going to waste. However, it’s hard to keep up with, so we created a guide to recycling symbols […]

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What Not to Recycle

Aspirational recycling refers to the feeling that something should be recyclable. Many people feel all plastics and ‘disposable items’ should be able to go into a recycling bin, and a magic machine will recycle them. This is not accurate. For recycling, plastics need to be broken down into individual polymers. Some can not be recycled at standard […]

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What is a Shrink Combo System

Shrink combo systems use an L Bar sealer and shrink tunnel to shrink package products in one continuous line. The combination of both machines streamlines the shrink wrapping process. Manufacturer differences and features should factor into which shrink combo system works best for your application. Find out what to look for in a shrink combo […]

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