LiteWrapper Stretch Film Rolls and Dispenser

The LiteWrapper stretch film dispenser is a pre stretch film dispenser that fits a special made core-less stretch film roll. The LiteWrapper dispenser allows easy dispensing and affordable stretch film costs. Below are some advantages!

LiteWrapper Stretch Film Dispenser and Rolls

1. Ability to walk forward when applying the stretch film. Reduces injuries and excessive exertion.

2. Wrap a pallet with less film in less time.

3. The core-less film reduces shipping costs to you as well as overall costs.

4. Longer rolls. Standard hand stretch film rolls come in 1500′ lengths. All LiteWrapper rolls come in 2000′ lenghts.

5. Environmentally friendly film. LiteWrapper  Rolls are stretched up to 90% of their maximun stretch potential. This enables less waste when applying the film as well as less exertion.

6. Less warehouse space. Litewrapper rolls are packed without a case, therefore take up less room in storage.

7. Superior load retention. LiteWrapper per stretch film rolls offer a great amount of load retention. Achieve a higher amount of load stability with less film.

We currently offer the liteWrapper stretch film dispenser and refill rolls online, but now we carry a LiteWrapper stretch film starter kit. The kit contains 13 stretch film rolls and 1 dispenser for $257 plus shipping. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 to order your LiteWrapper stretch film starter kit.

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