Industry Wide Stretch Film Increase

Due to rising resin costs, all stretch film manufacturers will be increasing stretch film pricing by 5% effective Sept.1. Resin prices are correlated to petroleum prices. They fluctuate up and down with the petroleum markets. We recommend ordering before the first of Sept. to save 5% on film costs.

If ordering before the price increase is not an option we recommend a couple of other options. If your supplies are large enough to hold out until a possible decrease, you could try that. The recommended option is to try and down gauge by using a more affordable equivalent stretch film. The equivalent stretch film is cheaper and stronger.

Equivalent stretch film like our micron or hybrid stretch film is a great way to save on film costs and off set rising resin prices. The equivalent stretch films are thinner and stronger. They use less petroleum, therefore are more affordable than a standard gauged stretch film.

We offer equivalent stretch film in all of our film widths ranging from 2″-30″. If you are currently using a stretch film between those widths,  we recommend trying an equivalent film to save money.

If you are happy with the current film you are using, feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090 or visit to place an order before the price increase.

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