Wide Machine Pallet Stretch Film Rolls

We offer a large variety of wide machine stretch film rolls. We consider wide stretch film rolls to be any machine stretch film rolls over 20 inches in width. Wide stretch film rolls can offer a number of benefits for users. Many companies that are wrapping pallet in excess of 40 inches in height should consider wide machine stretch film rolls.

The wider the rolls are, the less revolutions are needed for wrapping your products. A 40 inch wide stretch film roll will require half the energy and half the time to apply as a 20 inch wide roll. Some companies prefer the time and energy efficiency enough, they choose to use the wider stretch rolls.

Our wide machine stretch film comes in 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 inches wide. The standard stock gauge is 80, but we also sell an equivalent that is comparable to the 80 gauge. The equivalent film is thinner, but stronger. It offers more stretch that allows for stronger load stabilization. We also can make any other thicknesses of film upon request. A pallet minimum is required for special orders.

The cheapest and most economical way to order wide machine stretch film rolls is to order by the pallet. Due to high shipping costs, a one or two roll order of wide machine stretch film does not provide an economical shipping option. We recommend ordering a pallet, generally consisting of 16 to 20 rolls. On pallet orders, we pay freight costs and the only thing the customer needs to pay for are the stretch rolls.

Call us at 1-800-441-5090 for a quote on any wide machine pallet stretch film you are interested in. We have inventory on the floor and ready to ship.

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