Perforated Shrink Wrap Rolls for Printing and Food Service

Our perforated shrink rolls are great for a variety of uses and often used by multiple industries. Many of our shrink rolls are sold to companies for wrapping food service items as well as printing companies. The rolls offer up to a 15% shrink rate and are safe to come into contact with food items.

All of our perforated shrink rolls come stock in a 60 gauge thickness with up to 2600 sheets per roll. Food service companies such as butchers and delis use the shrink rolls for wrapping a variety of meat products. The film offers a low shrink rate for quick and efficient sealing.
Many printing companies prefer perforated shrink rolls for this reason as well. The low shrink rate allows easy shrinking around finished printing products. Some printers also prefer our perforated cling rolls as well. These rolls are a food plastic wrap that offers cling to wrap items.

Below are the sizes and costs of our perforated shrink film rolls. If you have any questions or would like to order call us at 1-800-441-5090 or visit us online.

9″x9″ $26.80

10″x10″ $28.00

12″x12″ $31.65

14″x14″ $35.50

15″x15″ $37.30

16″x16″ $40.50

18″x18″ $45.20

24″x24″ $57.05

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