Using Stretch Film To Bundle Fire Wood

With winter around the corner, all of our customers that sell firewood are beginning to start cutting and bundling. We sell a large variety of stretch film products to different firewood companies. Some firewood companies we sell too palletize large quantities of wood on pallets that have steel racks too hold the wood in place. Most of the firewood companies we sell too split wood and bundle small quantities together for retail sales.

With this being the time of year for wood production, our calls have increased. Many of those calls are re-orders from past customers, but some of them are from new customers. These new customers are often new to the firewood business and have a large variety of questions about which stretch film products to use for their firewood. We actually sell a multiple products to different firewood companies to help them with production. Below is a brief explanation of the different products we sell that work great for firewood production.

Bundling Stretch FilmWe consider bundling stretch film any stretch film between 2″-5″ width. We offer a large variety of thicknesses depending on the size and weight of  the firewood bundles. This is by far the most used product by our firewood customers. It is commonly used to wrap bundles of wood for retail use. The picture to the right comes to us compliments of Burnswell Firewood. It is a great display of how to properly use bundling film to bundle a large amount of firewood. They choose to use a 90 ga. bundling stretch film. The 90 ga. costs a little more than a lighter gauge, but offers good stretch, tear resistance, and a great hold.

Extended Core Stretch Film– We offer our extended core stretch film in widths of 5″-20″. The extended core is essentially a built-in handle on the stretch film roll. The majority of the firewood companies we sell the extended core film to are running machines. The extended core stretch film comes on a smaller core than the 3″ bundling stretch film core. Several of our customers say the extended core stretch film fits their bundling machines perfectly.

Vented Stretch Film- Airflow & Wrapnet  are for our clients that sell wood in large quantities at one time. They normally palletize the wood in advance and then ship it away upon request. The reason they prefer the airflow pallet wrap or the Wrapnet pallet wrap, is because both products allow the wood to breathe after being placed on a pallet. This means they can load wet wood on a pallet and it will dry after being stabilized with pallet wrap. Regular stretch film lock the moisture in and does not allow the wood to dry.

The primary difference between the Airflow pallet wrap and the Wrapnet pallet wrap is the material they are made from. The airflow pallet wrap is a stretch film with multiple holes to allow ventilation after products have been wrapped. It offers stretch and tear resistance like a normal stretch film. The Wrapnet pallet wrap is not a stretch film and does not offer stretch. It is made from a mesh material that offers more ventilation than the Airflow, but no stretch.

If you have any questions about the products mentioned in this post or would like to place an order, feel free to contact us at 1-800-441-5090 or visit us online at

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