Perforated Shrink Film and Meat Film to Wrap Food Trays

In all supermarkets and stores around the country food products are placed on trays and wrapped for display, storage, and protection. Normally the products being wrapped are wrapped with a clear plastic wrap to allow easy display. Different foods and consumable product trays are wrapped with different plastic wraps. These plastic wrap vary in width, thickness, color, and other specifications. In this post we will look a couple consumable food trays and what type of shrink film or plastic wrap they are commonly wrapped with.

Meat Trays- These are probably the most common trays that everyone can easily recognize. Every deli or meat section offers meat placed on a Styrofoam tray and wrapped with a plastic film. Some deli’s and butchers differ on the type of film they choose to wrap their meat with as well as the way they wrap the meat.

Most use a plastic wrap with a heat tray to heat the bottom of the meat film. This low heat helps the film to stick together and provide a better seal. Some deli’s and butchers simply use a cling film to wrap their meat products. The extra cling is supposed to help provide the seal to protect the meat and prevent liquids from spilling out of the tray.

Normally the type of film supermarkets and butcher shops use for this is a meat film. The meat film has cling, but is often used on heat pads to apply heat and allow the film to stick together. Sometimes a perforated cling film is used if the trays are of uniform size. The perforated film offers perforated edges on a specified length throughout the roll. This allows for easier and more efficient film cutting.

Produce Trays- Produce trays are not as common as meat trays, but they can be found in produce sections and front isle displays of supermarkets. Many supermarkets will offer a mixed produce tray. These will have a variety of different fruits on a tray, then wrapped with a plastic film to protect and display the produce. Another common produce tray is ears of corn that have already been shucked. Supermarkets often offer these trays of corn in packs of three or five ears of corn.

Many supermarket use a meat plastic wrap for the produce trays as well. This helps save on costs because the meat film is clear and often cheaper than the alternative. The other film used for wrapping produce trays is a produce plastic wrap. The produce film has a green tint to it to help protect the product from light and allow it to last longer. The produce film is a great option for supermarkets, delis, and farmers markets that are wrapping a large amount of produce trays. Another great option for wrapping individual product objects is perforated shrink wrap. Our perforated shrink wrap is food safe and made for wrapping food items. It has a low shrink temp to provide quick and efficient wrapping.

If you have any questions about the food wraps mentioned in this post, feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of sizes and thicknesses as well as quantity based discounts for your order. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 Ext.1 for sales.

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