Eco Freindly Pallet Wrap

It’s always important for manufacturers to continue striving and perusing more Eco-friendly pallet wrap formulas. Stretch film pallet wrap is a petroleum-based product that can be recycled. Currently, the main focus for many manufacturers is to reduce the amount of petroleum used in the pallet wrap resin mixture. A stronger, thinner, stiffer film that uses […]

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Hand Stretch Wrap Differences

We believe in offering a large variety of stretch film products for our customers to choose from. This offers customers the opportunity to find the right stretch film at an affordable price. We also believe it is important, to be honest about our products and let people know what the are buying. There are many […]

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Hybrid Bundling Film is Here!

Bundling stretch film and pre-stretched bundling film are two excellent options for all medium to small packaging needs. Dispensing 2” to 5” widths, the bundling stretch film roller can be held in one hand for easy application. For securing loads or bundling packages for transit, bundling stretch film comes in 600’ to 1000’ roll lengths. […]

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Business owners who package goods with stretch film: The new Hybrid and Micron (EcoMax) stretch films are less expensive and stronger at thinner gauges allowing higher savings and less waste in packaging goods. Both stretch films are available now for purchase at, or by calling 1-800-441-5090. Free shipping is available for all pallet orders […]

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Hybrid Stretch Film Technical Data

We recently posted technical data for our micron stretch film. We are very happy to offer a micron stretch film that is affordable yet still durable. Micron stretch film does not have the same amount of stretch that a true gauge stretch film has, but offers great strength. It is considered a stiffer film then […]

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