Eco Freindly Pallet Wrap

It’s always important for manufacturers to continue striving and perusing more Eco-friendly pallet wrap formulas. Stretch film pallet wrap is a petroleum-based product that can be recycled. Currently, the main focus for many manufacturers is to reduce the amount of petroleum used in the pallet wrap resin mixture. A stronger, thinner, stiffer film that uses less petroleum and reduces waste offers a great Eco-friendly option.

While focusing on a stronger more environmentally friendly film, performance is important as well. Many manufacturers, distributors, and retailers need a stretch wrap they can trust to safely secure their loads and reduce product loss. Our Hybrid pallet wrap is a great option to consider when looking for an Eco-friendly pallet wrap that performs well.

The hybrid film has a 47 gauge thickness but offers more strength than a traditional 47 gauge film. It is great for pallet loads that do not have sharp corners or rough edges. It is an ideal film for load weights up to 1800 lbs. or more depending on transportation stress. Many furniture companies and other companies wrapping individual product have transitioned into using hybrid stretch film. It works great for wrapping and protecting individual objects.

Users notice since the hybrid wrap is thinner and stiffer, workers suffer fewer injuries and fatigue when wrapping loads. Less tension is needed when wrapping to reach maximum stretch and holding potentials. One of the best benefits of hybrid wrap is the cost. It can often save companies hundreds of dollars per year. Sample rolls go out on Fridays. We would love to send you a sample to try out. View the flyer below for more benefits and contact information to request quotes or click here to order online.

Eco Freindly Pallet Wrap

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