Add a Professional Touch With PVC Shrink Wrap

PVC shrink wrap stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. For years PVC was a preferred material for shrink wrapping a large variety of objects. Recent years have brought new developments in materials used to make shrink film. Now, many people prefer polyolefin shrink wrap. Just because polyolefin is often preferred does not mean PVC is not a great material to be used for a variety of applications.

PVC shrink wrap is still one of the most economical shrink films on the market. Many manufactures and users end up wrapping products with PVC shrink film for pennies or less per product. The PVC  shrink film has distinctive characteristics that are preferred by some users. Before the film is shrunk it can easily tear and is very crinkly. After heat is applied the film stiffens and hardens. It offers great protection from external elements.

There are some great advantages PVC shrink film can offer users. Below are some advantages to wrapping with PVC Money-Signshrink wrap.

Cost- Often time much cheaper than other shrink wrap or packaging options. Start-up costs for small operations shrinking and sealing 30-100 products per day can be as low as $150.

Variety- There is a large variety of PVC shrink films on the market that can meet a variety of demands. PVC centerfold rolls, shrink bags, and tubing are commonly preferred for a wide range of applications.

Clarity- PVC offers excellent clarity after heat has been applied. Often a great low-cost option for displaying Domed Shrink Bags Afterproducts on store shelves.

Protection- With the proper seals, PVC shrink wrap is ideal for protecting products from moisture and dust.

Shrink Rate- PVC shrink wrap offers an excellent shrink rate compared to many other shrink films. Often times users can get up to a 30%-40% shrink rate.Domed Shrink Bag Before

PVC Shrink wrap can give product the professional look many users are after at an inexpensive price. It does have some drawbacks as well. Below are a list of disadvantages to expect when using PVC shrink.

Odor When Sealing– Due to the Chloride found in the film, there is an odor when sealing and applying heat. A properly ventilated room is recommend.

No Direct Contact With Food- PVC shrink film can not come into direct contact with food products. Polyolefin shrink wrap is the best film to be used for direct food contact.

Easy Tear- PVC film is not the best film to be used with sharp corners. Because the film becomes harder after heat has been applied it can tear easily at sharp corners.

Sealing Wire Build up- After enough seals with PVC film, a residue will build up on the sealing element. A repair wire can be easily installed once this build up occurs.

Temperature Sensitive Storage-PVC rolls and materials need to be stored in temperature controlled environments.

PVC, like many products and packaging options has advantages and disadvantages. If you feel like PVC shrink wrap may be right for you and would like to ask questions give us a call at 1-800-441-5090. If you would like to place an order online visit our store at

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