Hybrid Stretch Film Technical Data

We recently posted technical data for our micron stretch film. We are very happy to offer a micron stretch film that is affordable yet still durable. Micron stretch film does not have the same amount of stretch that a true gauge stretch film has, but offers great strength. It is considered a stiffer film then a true gauge film, but can offer many benefits, the best being price.

This post will focus on technical data for our hybrid stretch film. We commonly recommend hybrid stretch film to companies already using a lighter gauge film. Hybrid is stiffer than micron and does not offer much stretch. It is a thinner lighter film that is ideal in light weight wrapping applications.

Hybrid stretch is mixed using a different formula then a standard gauge film. This formula allows stretch rolls to weigh less. Less weight allows less shipping charges and less energy when applying hand stretch film.

Below is the Technical data.

Test                                                                                       40 ga.         45 ga.     47 ga.     55 ga.       63 ga.    70 ga.

Elmendorf Test (Gms/Sht)

MD                                                                                          21               33             37             55               73            89

TD                                                                                          382             444          468          566            665           751

Ultimate Tensile (PSI)

MD                                                                                     14,761       14,045    13,759    12,614     11,755     10,467

TD                                                                                        5,418         5,246       5,177     4,903        4,697        4,388

Maximum Elongation (%)

MD                                                                                         221             252         264            313           350            405

TD                                                                                          891             886         885            878           872            865

Dart Drop (Gms/Sht)                                                          44              45            46               49               51               53

MD= Machine Direction

TD= Transverse Direction

Feel free to call customer service or our sales department (1-800-441-5090) with any questions about our hybrid stretch film. We would love to do business with you.

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