Vented Machine Stretch Wrap

In May we wrote a post about how vented stretch film can help your business. The post highlighted the many benefits our vented stretch film offers to customers wanting to reduce spoilage, or increase ventilation to their their products. Click on the link above to see how vented stretch film can reduce spoilage cost for your company.

This is only a quick post to introduce our video showing vented machine stretch wrap at work. It is a product we have carried for some time now, but we have never offered a video demonstrating it in action. The vented machine film will work with most all stretch wrappers. It offers a great amount of stretch and load retention.

Both the machine and hand vented stretch film are made from an 80 ga. film with reinforced edges and die-cut holes. The reinforced edges help to increase tear resistance and make the film stronger. The standard 80 ga. stretch film is made from virgin resin and offers a great amount of stretch, load retention, and strength.

The main reason users prefer a vented stretch film is to reduce product loss during and after palletizing. Many customers wrapping produce use vented wrap to allow their products to breathe and increase shelf life. Many of our cold storage customers also use vented stretch film to reduce condensation. The vented film allows moisture to escape and helps to keep boxes and products dry.
Nurseries and forestry are our largest growing customer base for vented pallet wrap. We have several wood suppliers that palletize wood and prefer it to cure and dry on the pallet. This is more efficient that waiting for the wood to dry before palletizing it. The vented wrap allows the wood to dry and keeps it from rotting.

The video below is a pallet machine wrapping live plants, typical of what a nursery would be wrapping. Even after several wraps the plants are still able to breathe and stay alive during transportation. You will see that the load is also secure and does not risk shift during transportation. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090

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