Polyethylene Tubing

We are happy to announce offering a full line of polyethylene tubing for sale online. We currently offer over 120 sizes and thickness of tubing online. Poly tubing is great for packaging odd sized items, long items, or cylindrical items. We have sold PVC shrink tubing online for a long time, our poly tubing is another great option for companies to use when packaging a variety of products.

Several differences can be found between polyethylene tubing and PVC shrink tubing. All of our poly tubing options are FDA approved and can be used with food products. Our shrink tubing is not FDA approved due to the chloride found in the PVC. We have several bakeries, candy makers, and other clients that use poly tubing for primary and secondary packaging for their products.

Polyethylene tubing can be sealed on each side, but does not offer any shrink  like the shrink tubing does. This means the width of the poly tubing needs to exactly the size needed. Click here for a “how to” guide on how to measure for tubing. Do not add the recommended 10% when measuring for polyethylene tubing. We recommend a flat wire hand impulse sealer for sealing poly tubing ends. This enables users to obtain a thicker and stronger seal.

Another significant difference between the polyethylene tubing and the shrink tubing is the thickness offered in each. The polyethylene tubing is much thicker than the shrink tubing. Our shrink tubing is offered in a 1 mil thickness. The thinnest poly tubing available is a 1.5 mil. We offer up to a 6 mil poly tubing online. The 6 mil poly tubing is great for large heavy objects with sharp edges or corners. For large heavy objects, we recommend using staples or a heavy duty tape to close the ends.

All of our polyethylene tubing rolls come on 3″ cores. We offer custom quotes on any orders over 5 rolls. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 for a custom quote!

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