Different Types of Shrink Wrap

The term shrink wrap is a generic term often used in commercial packaging, retail packaging, food packaging, and industrial packaging. Because a lot of our business is composed of shrink wrap products we get calls all the time for “shrink wrap” quote requests. Often times people do not realize there are many different types of […]

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What is a Shrink Wrap Machine?

Most people interested in shrink wrapping know you must have a shrink wrap machine to shrink wrap products. What is a shrink wrap machine? Some people are unsure, some people think of the sealer and others think of the shrink tunnel as the shrink wrap machine. Both machines, the tunnel and the sealer should be […]

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Shrink Wrap Savings!

We always strive to offer the best available prices to our customers. We are now introducing a new shrink film specials section online for customers to take advantage of.  We have added several of our best-selling shrink films to this sections for customers to be able to buy and save by ordering online. All specials […]

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Shrink Tubing Measurements

Shrink tubing is a great option for a variety of shrink wrapping applications. We recommend it for any users wanting to shrink wrap cylindrical objects or objects that vary in length. One problem we often come across are people who are interested in using shrink tubing, but are unaware of how to measure for the […]

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Polyethylene Tubing

We are happy to announce offering a full line of polyethylene tubing for sale online. We currently offer over 120 sizes and thickness of tubing online. Poly tubing is great for packaging odd sized items, long items, or cylindrical items. We have sold PVC shrink tubing online for a long time, our poly tubing is […]

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What Heat Shrink Wrap To Use?

The shrink wrap products we sell include: PVC and polyolefin centerfold shrink wrap, shrink tubing, shrink bags, and perforated flat shrink wrap. All of these products come in different widths, thicknesses, and lengths.  To someone who is not familiar with shrink wrap and the variety of types, it can be overwhelming. The majority of this […]

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