Shrink Wrap Tubing is a Great Way To Package Multiple Books

It’s common for most retail book sellers to use shrink wrap for packaging when they sell an individual book or books sets. Shrink film offers protection with a crystal clear display to show products. Different retailers prefer different types of shrink film. The most common shrink products used are shrink bags and shrink wrap tubing.

This post is about using shrink tubing to wrap multiple books at once. We prefer shrink tubing for wrapping more than one book. The tubing offers the option of sealing both ends or leaving the ends open. The open ended shrink tubing works great to hold books together. The sealer shrink tubing holds ends together as well as helps to protect the books from external elements such as: dust, moisture, etc.

We recommend using heat shrink wrap to protect books with almost all delivery methods. If you have a set that comes with its own box, placing the books in the set box and shrink wrapping the box to help protect it is a great way to ensure products will reach customers undamaged.

If the box will then be shipped, we recommend placing the shrink wrapped box in a corrugated box for extra protection during shipping. Be sure to use the proper amount of void-fill to reduce unnecessary shifting during transport.

Shrink Wrap is a Great Way to Create Your Own Book Set

What if you have two or more books that are not a set, but you would like to sell together? This happens often, such as two cook books by the same author that you would like to sell as a combo set.

Professional Packaging Helps to Make Products Appear More Valuable

Clear shrink wrap is also great for in store displays because it holds the books together while still clearly displaying the books included.

A Cost Effective Solution

The best feature about shrink wrapping your books or products for packaging is the cost. Most shrink wrapped books will cost less than a couple of pennies to wrap.

Initial costs for a low volume (1-60 packages per day) shrink wrapping process are affordable and easy to learn.

Most companies get started for around two hundred dollars.

Using economical shrink wrap will help protect your books and give your company a professional looking appearance.

Would you like to see a demonstration? Check out the video below for a demonstration of how to use shrink tubing to wrap multiple books. You will notice the process is fast, easy, and effective. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

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