Shrink Wrap Packaging Offers Peace of Mind When Protecting Your Products

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we try to ship a something that just won’t quiet fit in the box. Perhaps you are just trying to ship something that you want to remain in great condition until it gets there. It could be a book or a magazine. Maybe you are trying to ship a photo album. How are you supposed to accomplish these tasks? Fortunately, our products can help! Whether your needs require heat shrink wrap, stretch film, plastic strapping, or other packaging materials.

Need to ship a book, magazine, CD or DVD? Try our heat shrink bags. They are perfect for ensuring products are not damaged during shipping and transport as well as moisture and dust. Depending on the amount of shrink needed, we offer great discounts on quantity orders.

If you are trying to wrap and ship a variety of products that are about the same circumference, but different in length – you can try the shrink tubing. This type of wrapping is especially perfect if you ship some candles. The shrink film tubing allows offers a protective covering for the candles to keep them in pristine condition for delivery. Just wrap them up and ship them out!

Do you have multiple products that vary in size? You cannot go wrong with a Centerfold Heat Shrink Wrap. This particular shrink wrap is perfect for all of your needs. Purchasing a centerfold shrink wrap to accommodate your largest product will allow you to purchase one roll of shrink wrap and then wrap all of your products.

With U.S. Packing & Wrapping LLC, you get the highest quality of shrink wrap options that money can buy. The products we offer give you peace of mind when it comes to thinking about whether or not the products you are shipping are going to reach their destination safely. No longer will you have to think about product loss when getting your products safely to their destination.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090 if you have any questions about shrink wrap or any of our other packaging products.

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