Shrink Tubing Measurements

Shrink tubing is a great option for a variety of shrink wrapping applications. We recommend it for any users wanting to shrink wrap cylindrical objects or objects that vary in length. One problem we often come across are people who are interested in using shrink tubing, but are unaware of how to measure for the right size of tubing.

Measurements can be complicated, but not if you have a detailed instructional video. We have made a short video showing how to measure for shrink tubing to ensure you have the right size needed. Remember that the tubing has a shrink rate up to 40% so a slightly larger shrink tubing is recommended.

The main thing to remember is the tubing is measured in width. We have tubing that measures from 1.5 inches wide up to 28 inches wide. The width of the tubing should be doubled to find the circumference of the film. Measure the circumference of the product being wrapped to find what type of shrink tubing you need.

Check out the instructional video below to view how to measure for shrink tubing. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 if you have any questions about measurements.

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