Vented Stretch Film Can Help Your Business!

Vented stretch film is an improved product to help a multiple business industries with load stabilization problems. Traditional cast stretch film is great for product load stabilization, but problems can arise when using cast stretch film with certain products. Businesses wrapping products that are still cold or warm when wrapping can experience condensation once the load is wrapped and stabilized.

Condensation inside of the palletized load can can promote molding, and damage products. The two options for overcoming this problem is allowing products to slowly cool or warm up before wrapping or use a vented film to allow the products to breathe and reduce condensation.

Allowing products to cool or warm up slowly can reduce production speeds and increase companies expenses. Vented stretch film offers great load stability while still allowing products to cool or warm up. Vented stretch film offers comparable stretch to traditional gauged stretch film, why allowing breathing room.

The same condensation issue can arise when wrapping pallets of products that have moisture when curing. Traditionally companies had to wait for the products to fully cure before palletizing the load. Traditional stretch film would hold the moisture in the load and not allow products to cure. With the die cut holes in vented stretch film, products can properly cure during transport.

Other moisture issues often arise when dealing with any produce loads. The trapped moisture on traditional stretch film promotes mold growth and can ruin products during shipment. Vented pallet wrap can help extend the life of produce products during transport.

We offer vented stretch film in: machine, hand stretch film with 3″ core, and hand stretch film with an extended core. Companies can experience breaking when using machine vented stretch film for the first time.

We recommend adjusting stretch machine settings to achieve the proper amount of stretch. Machine vented stretch film can offer a stretch of up to 200% which is traditionally more than standard stretch film.

Users of vented hand stretch film can often lose the end of the roll after wrapping a pallet. We recommend tying a knot when finished using the roll to help find the end of the roll. If you are having problems with load stabilization, try upgrading to a premium vented stretch film for maximum load retention.

If you have any questions about our vented stretch film or any of our products, call 1-800-441-5090 for assistance. You can also visit our online store at We offer quantity discount on all stretch film products call us for a quote.

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