Special Order Shrink Wrap Products

We offer a wide variety of both heat shrink wrap and shrink wrap/stretch film products online. We are fortunate to have manufacturers who make a large variety of products to offer our clients.

Unfortunately there are still shrink wrap products we do not offer that people are looking for. The majority of the time, we can have special order shrink wrap products made. Products of different widths, thicknesses, and lengths can often be made to suit your needs.

There are commonly a few issues that arise with special order shrink products. The first and most common issue is samples. If the requested product is not a stock item, we can not send out samples before the order. Understandably, people want a sample of the product before fulfilling the minimum order amount required.

Typically, we try to find the closest comparable item to send out for a sample before the custom order is placed. A great example is our opaque stretch film products. We only stock 80 gauge opaque stretch film and often get requests for a heavier gauged opaque stretch film. People want to be sure the heavier gauge is going to work before they order the minimum required.

The solution that often works in a situation like that is to send a clear 150 gauge stretch film to test the thickness. Along with the 150 ga. stretch film, we will send a sample of the black opaque 80 ga. This will let the buyer see how dark the opaque stretch film is and allow them to have a chance to test the durability of a 150 ga. stretch film.

That is normally the the best route to go to allow customers to try something close to what they will be purchasing. Most of our custom shrink wrap orders come with a 1 pallet minimum and up to a 2 pallet minimum order on some products. Feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090 if you have any questions about a custom order. We will do our best to get you the products you need.

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