Shrink Wrap Bag Costs

A few weeks ago we wrote a post about centerfold pvc shrink wrap costs. We took the cost of our online pvc shrink film products and broke them down into cost per foot. Obviously, anyone can do this with some simple math. More than anything we wanted to break down the cost per foot to show that shrink wrap is a very affordable packaging option for businesses to consider.

Shrink wrap bags are a product we suggest to a variety of businesses and individuals. They are easy to use and an effective packaging solution. In several articles we have covered and will continue to cover the many advantages shrink wrap bags can offer a business. This post like the one on centerfold PVC shrink film is focused on cost. We are going to break down the price per shrink wrap bag. We are going to cover our flat PVC shrink wrap bag on this post. We will look at domed shrink wrap bag costs in another post.

These costs per bag are based on website prices. We do offer custom price quotes for quantity orders so feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090 or fill out the contact us form for custom shrink bag quotes.

Shrink Bag Size                                                            Cost Per Bag For 500 Count Case

4″x6″ Flat Shrink Bag                                                                                            $.028

6″x6″ Flat Shrink Bag                                                                                            $.033

6″x7″ Flat Shrink Bag                                                                                            $.036

6″x9″ Flat Shrink Bag                                                                                            $.039

6″x11″ Flat Shrink Bag                                                                                          $.043

8″x12″ Flat Shrink Bag                                                                                          $.062

9″x14″ Flat Shrink Bag                                                                                          $.067

12″x16″ Flat Shrink Bag                                                                                        $.105

12″x18″ Flat Shrink Bag                                                                                        $.126

14″x20″ Flat Shrink Bag                                                                                        $.138

If you are planning on using shrink wrap bags for a primary or a secondary packaging option you can see they are an affordable option for any company to consider. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 if you have and questions or click on the following link to view our heat shrink wrap products.

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