Polyolefin Shrink Bags

We have posted several blog posts about the advantages of polyolefin shrink wrap over PVC shrink wrap. PVC shrink wrap is a versatile shrink film that should be considered for a variety of applications, but polyolefin shrink film is a superior product. We are now offering a selection of polyolefin shrink bags. These bags are […]

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Shrink Wrap Instructional Videos

We want to apologize to our clients for the delay of our instructional videos. We have instructional video requests come in all the time from customers who want to know how to use certain products we offer. Currently we offer a lot of instructional text, diagrams, and charts, but a limited amount of “How to” […]

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What Heat Shrink Wrap To Use?

The shrink wrap products we sell include: PVC and polyolefin centerfold shrink wrap, shrink tubing, shrink bags, and perforated flat shrink wrap. All of these products come in different widths, thicknesses, and lengths.  To someone who is not familiar with shrink wrap and the variety of types, it can be overwhelming. The majority of this […]

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Vented Shrink Wrap Bags

Shrink wrap bags are some of our best selling products. Companies choose shrink bags for wrapping a variety of items ranging from batteries to gift baskets. When using shrink bags with a fully automated machine, most machines will have some type of hole punch to allow air to escape the bag after being sealed. After […]

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Shrink Wrap Bag Costs

A few weeks ago we wrote a post about centerfold pvc shrink wrap costs. We took the cost of our online pvc shrink film products and broke them down into cost per foot. Obviously, anyone can do this with some simple math. More than anything we wanted to break down the cost per foot to […]

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Shrink Wrap a Book

Many people without businesses call us about shrink wrapping a book or other items for protection and storage. Shrink wrap bags are available at an affordable price but shrink wrap sealers can be expensive for someone who will not be using them often. We decided to make an instructional video to show how to shrink […]

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