Shrink Wrap Instructional Videos

We want to apologize to our clients for the delay of our instructional videos. We have instructional video requests come in all the time from customers who want to know how to use certain products we offer. Currently we offer a lot of instructional text, diagrams, and charts, but a limited amount of “How to” videos. We feel the ability to educate, inform, and offer the proper products to our customers helps to set us apart from the competition.

We  have recently dedicated a team to put out informative videos on a weekly basis. They will begin with a large variety of instructional shrink wrapping videos. These videos are to inform, educate, and display the products we offer and show how they can protect and display our customers products.

This first video is an instructional video of how to wrap multiple products with a shrink wrap bag, an impulse sealer, and a heat shrink gun. Many of our clients want to shrink multiple products together and use the shrink wrap to hold the products to one another as well as display the products. You will see in the video that the shrink bags do just that as well as offer a professional look to the package. The next couple of shrink wrap videos will include: using shrink tubing to professionally wrap and seal books, &  using shrink tubing without a sealer to hold electrical wires in place.

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