Performance Machine Stretch Film

We are excited to announce a new line of machine stretch film. Performance machine stretch film offers users the ability to down gauge and save money. The new performance machine film is made from a different formula that offers increased load retention, improved clarity, and extra stretch.

Performance machine stretch film can stretch up to 300% to help increase load stabilization. The ability to down gauge to a thinner lighter machine film roll equals stretch film savings. Below is a chart of possible down gauging opportunities.

                                          Current Machine Stretch Film Gauge  / Performance Machine Stretch Film Gauge

                              60                                                                                                45

                           70-75                                                                                            50

                              80                                                                                                 63

                              80                                                                                                  70

                              90                                                                                                   75

                              90                                                                                                   80

                             115                                                                                                  90

                             135                                                                                                  115

As you can see, the performance machine stretch film is a great choice to down gauge and save. Feel free to click here for pricing on our performance machine film and start saving today. Skids ship free to anywhere in the continental United States.

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