Performance Machine Stretch Film #2

Two months ago we posted a blog post about performance machine stretch film. This was an introductory blog post about a new new film and how it can benefit a variety of businesses and save money. This post is a reiteration of the first post with additional information included about the performance machine stretch film.

Performance machine stretch film is a thinner stretch film with more stretch and cling than traditional gauged stretch films. Refer to our first post on performance machine stretch film to view possible down gauging opportunities. Performance stretch film is made from a unique resin formula that allows superior stretchability at a fraction of the cost.

Performance stretch film is considered a “green stretch film” because of the ability to reduce film waste and petroleum materials used. Along with reduction in petroleum, energy costs are often reduced with performance stretch film. The superior stretchability and thinner film requires less tension when applying the film to pallet loads. This less tension equates to reduced energy used for applying the product.

A couple of details to remember when changing from a standard gauged machine stretch film to a performance stretch film. First, adjusting the tension settings on your machine is important. The performance film should not require as high of a tension setting as the standard gauged film does. If you make the tension adjustments and are experiencing tearing, reduce tension settings further. This will help save on energy cost and keep the film from tearing. Second, due to the high amount of cling and the thinner film, you may experience the performance film sticking to itself. To avoid sticking, pull the excess end of the film to a rope-like end. This will reduce the amount of cling and allow for an easy way to grab the film.

Making the switch from standard gauged machine stretch film to a performance film will save you company money in the long run on both energy costs and film costs. If you would like to request a sample, feel free t call the number below and speak with one of our sales agents.

If you have any questions about performance machine stretch film, call us at 1-800-441-5090.

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