Shrink Wrap Price Decrease!

We are happy to announce a significant price decrease in a variety of our shrink wrap prices. We have been making an effort to lower our shrink wrap prices and allow our clients to be able to order a variety of shrink wrap products at even better prices.

We have lowered the price on all of our polyolefin shrink wrap products as well as our PVC shrink wrap products. Most of the price decreases are a considerable amount per roll. Some of our more expensive shrink wrap rolls have been decreased as much as $10-$15 per roll.

Our flat shrink wrap bags have seen a dramatic price decrease as well. Many of our shrink wrap bags have been decreased by as much as 30%-40%. We are also happy to announce our new offering of domed shrink wrap bags. Perfect for gift wrapping as well as many other uses. Please visit the shrink wrap area of our online store to view the discounts a great prices we are offering on our shrink wrap products.

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