New Line of Stretch Film

U.S. Packaging and wrapping is happy to announce a new line of stretch film that offers superior load retention  at an affordable price. The new Eco-Wrap stretch film is made with a new technology that allows the stretch film to stay stiff and clear allowing users to downsize on thickness and save on cost.

We offer a variety of sizes and thicknesses of the Eco-Wrap stretch film at prices cheaper than normal clear cast stretch film. Eco-Wrap stretch film is commonly measured in microns. One gauge is equal to .254 microns of thickness. A common gauge used by many companies is 80 gauge. Our 19 micron Eco-Wrap stretch film is the equivalent of a  80 gauge clear cast stretch film. There may be the opportunity to downsize even further to a 16 micron Eco-Wrap stretch film due to the stiffness and ability to help load retention. Each application is different and downsizing may not be an option due to a variety of factors.

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