Aluminum Foil Basics

This is a quick post to help inform our readers and customers about different aspects of aluminum foil. Not specifically the aluminum foil rolls and aluminum foil sheets we sell, but all aluminum foil in general.

Aluminum is made from bauxite. From the bauxite a powder called aluminum oxide is produced. The aluminum oxide has many beneficial uses in by itself. It is used in sandblasting and different abrasive applications. It can also be recycled many times over. From the aluminum oxide, a pure aluminum can be processed. The pure aluminum is a soft, silvery white metal. The metal is a good conductor of heat and electricity. From the pure aluminum, different additives are added to help strengthen the aluminum depending on the product the producer is making.

Rolled aluminum less than .006 of an inch this is considered aluminum foil. Aluminum foil has a high resistance to most fats, petroleum based greases, and organic solvents. Most food products, drug products, and cosmetic products react well when coming into direct contact with aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil rolls and aluminum foil sheets are both used in a variety of applications in home and commercial use. Different thicknesses of aluminum foil serve different purposes. Check out our aluminum foil 101 to get an idea of which aluminum foil will work best for your application.

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