New Line of Kraft Paper Products

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping is proud to announce our new full line of Kraft paper products. We made the decision to offer a full line of Kraft paper products to further expand our packaging product offerings. Below is a brief overview of a few of our Kraft paper products:

Kraft Paper Rolls- Great for a variety of packaging applications. Our Kraft paper rolls come in a variety of base weights and widths. Kraft paper rolls are great for applications that require multiple sizes of paper. All of our Kraft paper rolls are made from 100% recycled materials and are fully biodegradable.

Kraft Paper Sheets- We offer multiple sizes and base weights of Kraft paper sheets. Kraft paper sheets are great for wrapping and applying to products of uniform size.

Indented Kraft Paper Rolls & Kraft Paper Sheets- Indented Kraft paper is absorbent and provides cushion and added strength to packaging applications. Our indented Kraft paper is fully biodegradable and recyclable.

Poly Coated Kraft Paper- Poly coated Kraft paper is commonly used to wrap a variety of metal products. The poly coating helps to protect from oil, grease, dust, and moisture. Our poly coated Kraft paper is made of 100% virgin Kraft paper to help ensure added strength and durability.

We will continue to write more post about Kraft paper that will focus on the manufacturing process, recycling process, and different uses.

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