Centerfold Shrink Wrap Rolls

Shrink wrap film is an important part of many packaging applications. We offer a variety of widths and thicknesses of both PVC shrink wrap and Polyolefin shrink wrap. Centerfold shrink wrap rolls help to make packaging applications faster and more efficient.

Centerfold shrink wrap rolls have a film that is folded in half and rolled onto a core. The centerfold shrink wrap helps to cover the product and requires less edges to seal than a flat shrink wrap. When referring to the measurement of a centerfold shrink wrap roll, a 12″ roll is 12 inches wide on the roll and when unfolded it opens to double the size. The product is to be slid into the crease and sealed. Once the edges are sealed, the shrink wrap should be ran through a shrink tunnel or heat gun to shrink the film down to the product.

Feel free to visit shrink wrap 101 to learn more about shrink wrap and how it can benefit your packaging applications.

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