Shrink Wrap at Home

We sell our products to companies and individuals. Many of our shrink wrap customers are small start-up businesses and individuals working from home. We often get calls from individuals who are not familiar with the shrink wrapping process. People who want to effectively and affordably packaging their products for sales, storage, or display. Often times […]

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Portable Shrink Wrap I-Bar Sealer

We offer a variety of different shrink wrap machines, sealers, and shrink wrap heating elements to help in multiple stages of production. We sell several of different starter and intermediate shrink wrap systems. One shrink wrap sealer we would like to take some time to highlight, is the portable I-Bar sealers we offer. We offer […]

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Shrink Wrap Machines & Shrink Guns

The Shrink wrap machines we carry cover a large range of production needs. The shrink wrap machine you need depends on how fast you need to shrink and seal products. Hand Impulse Sealers can wrap 1-3 products per minute. The types of hand impulse sealers we carry are: 4” Impulse Shrink Wrap Sealer 8” Impulse […]

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I-Bar Shrink Wrap Machines

In our last post we focused on the many uses and varieties of shrink wrap heat guns. This post is going to be focused on I-Bar shrink wrap machines. The following post will focus on L-Bar shrink wrap machines and the last post in this series will focus on shrink tunnels. I-Bar shrink wrap machines […]

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