Portable Shrink Wrap I-Bar Sealer

We offer a variety of different shrink wrap machines, sealers, and shrink wrap heating elements to help in multiple stages of production. We sell several of different starter and intermediate shrink wrap systems. One shrink wrap sealer we would like to take some time to highlight, is the portable I-Bar sealers we offer.

We offer a 12″,18″,24″, and 32″ portable shrink wrap sealers online. These shrink wrap sealers are great for quick and easy sealing of a variety of product packages and sizes. The best part about the portable I-Bar sealers are the detachable sealing arm. This allows users to quickly and easily move the sealing arm to seal each side of the shrink wrap instead of having to rotate the package being sealed to the sealing arm. This process is much more efficient and helps to speed up sealing time.

The cord on the shrink sealer is an 8 ft. chord that allows for easy maneuverability when sealing. There is an adjustable temperature knob and timer to inform you when your products are sealed. These shrink sealers are more expensive than our shrink wrap systems we offer, but well worth the extra money if time and efficiency is a priority.

Feel free to order online or call us at 1-800-441-5090 if you have any questions.

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