Perforated Shrink Wrap & Plastic Wrap

Perforated shrink wrap and plastic wrap are used in a variety of industries. We sell perforated shrink wrap to printing companies that want a professional look to their products after printing. Some printers also prefer to use the perforated plastic wrap we offer.

The difference between the perforated shrink wrap and perforated plastic wrap is the application of heat. The perforated shrink wrap works best when heat is applied. This allows the perforated shrink to conform to the product being wrapped. Our perforated shrink wrap offers a low heat shrink temp., to allow easy and efficient shrinking. The shrink is made from PVC and does contain chloride. We recommend proper ventilation when applying heat due to the chloride found in the PVC film. Both the perforated shrink and perforated plastic wrap are stocked in a 50 gauge thickness.

The perforated plastic wrap offers a two-sided cling that is great for food products and printed products. We have several hair salon clients that use the perforated plastic wrap for a specific hair coloring technique. We also sell the perforated wrap many restaurants that use a specific size of perforated plastic wrap to cover their food items after closing.

We also offer a sturdy single tiered dispenser to assist in applying the perforated wrap. Both the perforated plastic wrap and the perforated shrink wrap come in a wide variety of sizes. Below are some of the sizes we offer in both perforated shrink & perforated plastic wrap.














Anything larger than a 24″x28″ would be a special order item. We can have a larger size of both perforated shrink wrap and perforated plastic wrap made. There would be a required minimum for the order and a required lead time.  For more information visit us at or call our toll-free number at 1-800-441-5090.

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