I-Bar Shrink Wrap Machines

In our last post we focused on the many uses and varieties of shrink wrap heat guns. This post is going to be focused on I-Bar shrink wrap machines. The following post will focus on L-Bar shrink wrap machines and the last post in this series will focus on shrink tunnels.

I-Bar shrink wrap machines are designed to seal shrink tubing, centerfold shrink wrap, and shrink wrap bags.

The I-Bar shrink wrap sealer comes with a wire inside that heats up to make seals and cuts. A flat seal is also an option for sealing shrink wrap bags.

When sealing centerfold shrink wrap, place the object between the folded shrink film and press down on the sealing/cutting bar. This will seal and cut the shrink film from the roll. Once the first seal is made, turn the package 90 degrees and seal the front side. Most I-bar shrink wrap machines come with a heat gun holder. Once all seals have been made, use the shrink wrap heat gun to shrink the film.

I-Bar shrink wrap machines are great for low output operations. Our next post will be focused on L-Bar shrink wrap machines, they can be more efficient and allow faster sealing. Visit us at uspackagingandwrapping.com to shop a variety of shrink wrap machines and shrink wrap films.

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