Buy a Used Shrink Wrap Machine Without Getting Burned

Shrink wrap machines are made to be used in daily production for businesses around the world. People discard used shrink wrap machines for a variety of reasons. Upgrading to a faster or larger machine can require companies to sell old machines. Other machines not running or missing parts are sold as used. Resellers buy used machines at auctions and resell them. Distributors sell demo machines and scratched models as used because they can not be sold as new

If you are in the market for a used heat shrink wrap machine or pallet shrink wrap machine, be sure to follow the instructions below to avoid getting burned by a machine that does not work.

Is the machine in proper working order

Can the machine do the work it was designed to do without squeaking, whining, or breaking down between each production run? If the machine runs like new, you are one step closer to finding the right used shrink machine. If the machine does not run or you do not have the option of seeing it run, see the tips below.

Be sure you can find parts

Shrink Wrap Machine Parts

You will save yourself anger, grief, and heartache by making sure you can get parts for the used machine you are purchasing. This goes for any used machines. Even if they are in working order at the time of purchase. This is probably the most important part of not getting burned when buying a used machine.

Both heat shrink machines and pallet wrappers have wearable parts that will break and go out over time. The ability to purchase replacement parts when needed is crucial if you are depending on the machine for production. We recommend determining the make and model number of the machine you are interested in.

Begin with a simple Google search or call the manufacturer if listed on the machine. Be sure the machine is still in production. If the manufacturer has stopped making the machine, check to see if parts are still available. If no parts are available for the machine, we would recommend avoiding the purchase.

If the machine is out of production and parts are available, there may be a chance they stop making parts in the future. That is fine if the cost of the used machine is low enough to justify the purchase. If you can not determine the manufacturer of the machine, obtaining parts will be difficult. Machines that look the same have different parts that are not interchangeable. If you do not know the manufacturer, do not pay much for the used machine.

Request a User Manual

Shrink Machine User Guide

If you are able to find the manufacturer of the used machine, request a user’s manual. A manual should have a troubleshooting guide and product numbers for replacement parts. The manual will give instructions for operation and schematics for troubleshooting electrical problems.

If you can not find an instruction manual for the machine, properly diagnosing problems may be difficult and will take more knowledge of electrical wiring.

Make sure someone in-house can install new products

Machine Tech

Most manual and semi-auto shrink wrap machines are fairly simple to work on. Once the supply for parts is located, most machines can be troubleshot with a multi-meter. Using a multi-meter, someone with basic electrical knowledge can pinpoint the issue with the machine.

Ordering new parts and installing them often takes less than an hour. Be sure to take pictures of the parts you are working on before touching them. This will help show how to put everything back in place. For fully automatic machines, more electrical and technical knowledge is required. In larger metropolitan areas, packaging equipment technicians are available. In more rural areas, service technicians may be more difficult to find.

Check the return policy

Most companies do not offer returns on used machines. A used machine can be a gamble and companies do not want to take them back once they leave the door. It never hurts to ask if the machine can be returned after purchase. If all purchases are final, be sure parts are offered by the seller if purchasing from a packaging company.


A used shrink wrap machine can be a great purchase. It is a cost-effective way to increase production at a lower cost. Be sure the right materials and parts are available in case the machine breaks down. The search for parts can be long and exhaustive after a malfunction and stop in production. Purchasing from a reputable company is ideal to ensure if any problems arise you have help if needed. If you have a need for a used pallet shrink wrap machine or heat shrink wrap machine, give us a call (1-800-441-5090) we have several used machines in stock that are not listed online.

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