Vacuum Packaging with U.S. Packaging and Wrapping LLC.

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. is proud to announce a new line of vacuum packaging products. Vacuum packaging is an excellent addition to our food packaging product line. Though vacuum packaging is often used for food packaging there are a variety of other uses for vacuum packaging. Common uses for vacuum packaging include: Food packaging, electronic packaging, biotech applications, medical applications, aerospace, and more!

Vacuum packaging is a much need addition to our extensive shrink wrap packaging selection. Many customers want oxygen completely removed from product packaging. Shrink wrapping does not offer that option. Shrink wrap often requires small vent holes to allow air to escape from packages after heat is applied. Vacuum packaging is the best option for removing oxygen from packages. The removal of oxygen can increase shelf life, preserve products from oxidation, prevent rust, and offer many other benefits.

Because of these many benefits, we are now offering a full line of vacuum sealers and bags with a variety of options to choose from. All of our vacuum sealers are commercial vacuum sealers for heavy duty use. All vacuum sealers can seal 300 to 360 products per hour. See below for the differences between the vacuum sealers we offer.

Seal Width

The seal width is a common difference of vacuum sealers. The seal width will be a factor in determining the cost of the machine, the weight of the machine, the size of the machine,  and the maximum vacuum bag width that can be used.

Internal or External Compressor

We offer machines with either internal or external compressors. The vacuum sealers with external compressors cost less and typically last longer. The recommended tank size for an external compressor should be a 15 gallon tank or larger. This will ensure the recommended 110 psi is maintained throughout production.

Vacuum sealers with internal compressors are an excellent option for production lines with limited space. The built-in compressor is an internal working

part within the machine. Because of this, the sealers with internal compressors generally do not last as long.

Gas Flush

The ability for a machine to offer gas flush is another factor in vacuum sealer cost. Gas flush is a form of modified atmosphere packaging. An inert gas (Commonly Nitrogen) is inserted into the vacuum packaging to increase shelf life. The inert gas takes place of or is mixed with oxygen to slow down the breakdown of products from oxygen.

These three factors are the main factors that determine the price of our vacuum sealers. All of our sealers are made in America and include a 2 year limited warranty. Click on the link to view our commercial vacuum sealers.


Aside from the vacuum sealer being used, another important factor when vacuum packaging is the vacuum bag. Vacuum bags can come in a variety of thicknesses and features offered. We wanted to be sure and offer a large variety of sizes and features to meet most vacuum packaging needs. See a list of vacuum bags below.

Smooth Vacuum Bags

Smooth vacuum bags are the most common bags used in vacuum packaging. We offer them in 3 mil thicknesses and 4 mil thicknesses. The 3 mil thickness is the most common thickness used. It is ideal for most vacuum packaging applications. The 4 mil bags are great for products with sharp corners and edges. We offer sizes from 5 inches in width up to 22 inches wide.

Channeled Vacuum Bags

Channeled vacuum bags or embossed vacuum bags have a rough texture when touched. The channels allow air to easily escape the bag when being sealed. Channeled vacuum bags are also supposed to offer an increased oxygen barrier. Sizes are available online from 6 inches wide to 16 inches wide.

Tear Notch Vacuum Bags

Tear notch vacuum bags are smooth vacuum bags with an easy-to-open tear notch that is consumer friendly. All tear notch vacuum bags are available in 3 mil thicknesses in widths from 4 inches to 12 inches wide.

Vacuum Zipper Bags

Vacuum zipper bags offer an easy-to-open tear notch, a hanger hole, as well as a re-closable zipper to easily store opened products. All vacuum zipper bags are available in 3 mil thicknesses in widths ranging from 6 to 12 inches.

If you have any questions about of vacuum packaging products call us at 1-800-441-5090 or visit

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