U.S. Packaging & Wrapping Year In Review

This year was an exciting year for America and U.S. Packaging & Wrapping. The country continues to climb out of recession and many businesses are increasing sales. Increased sales and production for businesses means more demand for packaging products.

We want to thank all of our customers from small start-up companies to large multi-billion dollar companies. All of our customers matter and we try to exceed all expectations. We believe in the private sector and want to do what we can to help business succeed and meet their customers needs.


This year, to help assist our customers we focused on several areas, one being product videos and demonstrations. Our Youtube account features over 50 video tutorials. Anytime our sales staff or customer service department receives repeat questions about certain problems or specific item in we try to make a video to use as a visual aid.

Below are some of our more popular videos from 2014.

We created this video around March of this year. We had a lot of customers calling after watching our Iphone shrink wrapping video wanting to know how an Ipad would look before they bought our 13″ I-Bar system. Our marketing team decided the video would be a great compliment to the existing Iphone video as well as a great visual aid to potential customers.

The video of our portable L-Bar sealer is an excellent visual display of our L-Bar sealer capability. This video shows what an L-Bar sealer does and why it is an efficient way to seal centerfold shrink wrap.

We receive multiple calls each day about the differences between PVC and Polyolefin shrink film. Our marketing team put together a video to display the differences between the two films. Some difficult differences to display on camera is the differences in the texture and smell of the two films.

Our shrink packaging systems have quickly became a favorite packaging product for companies across the United States. They are all-in-one systems to seal and shrink products. An excellent option for companies concerned about saving space and time.

New Products

Another focus in 2014 and will be in 2015 is product development. We are constantly trying to find new products and machines to complement our existing offerings. This year we were able to add a variety of products to our offering. See a couple of our more popular new products below.

Food & Meat Wrapping MachineOne of our best-selling items of 2014. An ideal machine for meat markets, general stores, grocery stores, and more. Our product development team decided to add the food and meat wrapping machine to our product offering to complement our existing meat film line.

100 Gauge Meat FilmFor years we always offered a 70 gauge meat film as our thickest meat film. After several requests from customers we are now offering a 100 gauge meat film in 15 and 18 inch widths. The 100 gauge meat film works great for long-term freezer storage.

Colored Shrink FilmThis is another product often requested by customers. After determining common colors and sizes, we began offering 500 ft. and 2000 ft. colored PVC shrink rolls in multiple sizes and colors. We have sold hundreds of colored film rolls to companies across the United States since we began offering this item earlier in the year.

Auto Bundling Stretch Film RollsWe began offering auto bundling rolls earlier in the year and they immediately began to sell. Many of our existing bundling film customers purchased auto rolls by the pallet.

There are many other products that were added to our product offering throughout this year, but the ones listed are some new products that immediately took off.


Another very important part of our customer experience focus this year was our discounts. This year we offered hundreds of thousands of dollars in discounts to our customers. These discounts come in a variety of forms. In just packaging points alone there were over 500,000 points redeemed equal to over $500,000 in customer savings.

The other discounts were experienced through price breaks and sale items. All of our products offered are available at discount pricing with 5 or more mix and matched products. This is something that has always been offered. The discounts we worked really hard to improve this year were our sale items. We now offer a large selection of heat shrink wrap specials and stretch film specials.

We are looking forward to 2015 and growing with your business. We will post a blog post in a few days about new and exciting things to look forward to in 2015. We would like to thank our customers again for a wonderful and prosperous 2014. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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