What Vacuum Sealer Do You Need?

Vacuum packaging involves a product being placed inside a plastic package, then removing air from the package and sealing all open ends. Vacuum packaging can often dramatically increase the life of consumable products. It is also an excellent way to protect and preserve non-consumable products.

The proper vacuum sealer is very important when considering the type of vacuum packaging to accommodate company needs. In this post we will go over the different types of vacuum sealers available. If we do not offer the sealer you are looking for, hopefully this will help guide you in the right direction.

Nozzle Vacuum Sealer – A nozzle vacuum sealer is the most common form of vacuum sealer. Most all residential vacuum sealers use a nozzle to remove air. Many commercial operations use high output nozzle vacuum sealers as well. In fact, all of our commercial vacuum sealers offered online are nozzle vacuum sealers.

A nozzle vacuum sealer has a vacuum pump connected to a nozzle that is inserted into each vacuum package. The vacuum pump connected to the nozzle removes the air from the package and a heat sealer seals the open end of the vacuum package. Many home use nozzle vacuum sealers have a built in vacuum pump that often requires several seconds to remove all air from each package. Commercial nozzle vacuum sealers often have an external vacuum pump that increases air removal time.

In the video below, a commercial nozzle vacuum sealer is being used with an external compressor. The seal time is set to 3 seconds with a 6 second cool down.

Vacuum Skin Sealer – In vacuum skin packaging, a vacuum chamber is used to press and clamp film together and remove air from the package. Vacuum skin packaging and thermoforming are a similar process. Both are often found in high speed production facilities.

Two rolls of film are used and clamped together within a vacuum chamber. Once air is removed from the vacuum chamber, two clamps close and seal the two plastic films.

Termoforming – A type of vacuum packaging very similar to vacuum skin Thermoform vacuum sealpackaging. The primary differences between thermoforming and skin packaging is the film forming and plastic commonly used in each process. Thermoforming is very popular in cheese packaging, sliced lunch meats, smoked sausages, etc. The advantage of vacuum skin packaging and thermoforming is the high oxygen barrier film used. The film is excellent for preserving and prolonging consumable food.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer – This form of vacuum sealer commonly uses vacuum bags loaded into a chamber to Chamber Vacuum Sealerremove air. Once the air is removed from the vacuum bag, a seal is made to close the open bag end. A chamber vacuum sealer is an excellent option for meat cuts, liquids, cheeses, and a variety of other products.

These are the primary forms of vacuum sealers used in commercial vacuum sealing. We sell a wide selection of vacuum sealers available in different sizes with multiple options. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online or by phone at 1-800-441-5090.

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