Eco Freindly Shrink Wrap, Void-fill, & Stretch Film Options

Environmentally friendly packaging options should be considered if they are cost effective and perform as well as other options. There are a variety of environmentally friendly options that perform as well as other packaging option available. Let’s look at a few of these options, and how they can possibly save on packaging costs while reducing harm to the environment.

Void-Fill Options

Companies use multiple void-fill materials when shipping products. Common void-fill materials are bubble wrap and packaging peanuts. Bubble wrap is commonly made out of polyethylene plastic that has a very slow breakdown process. Polyethylene is used for a variety of packaging materials and plays major roles in everyday life, but reduction in the use of this plastic helps to lessen harm to the environment. Packaging peanuts are commonly made from polystyrene foam that is also very slow in the break down process. The good news is there are other void-fill options available!

Recycled Kraft paper is a great void-fill substitute for bubble wrap. Kraft paper can also be close to the same cost or less than bubble wrap. Some companies prefer added cushioning to protect their products from shifting during transport. We recommend using an indented Kraft paper for added cushioning if needed. If packaging peanuts are preferred, there are a large variety of starch peanuts that have been introduced to the market. These starch peanuts are made from corn starch and offer a rapid break down process that makes them extremely environmentally friendly. Starch packaging peanuts are often close to or slightly higher than the price of virgin packaging peanuts. Another option to starch peanuts is recycled packaging peanuts instead of virgin peanuts.

Bundling & Load Protection Options

Different companies choose to do different things when bundling multiple products together or unitizing large product loads. We recommend using a micron of a hybrid stretch wrap. Traditional stretch wrap is thicker and uses more plastic resin than the new hybrid and micron stretch wraps. They are strong stretch films that use less plastic, therefore reducing environmental harm. They are available in a variety of strengths and widths. Widths range from 2 inches up to 80 inches wide. The 2-5 inch bundling wrap works great for bundling 2-5 products together for shipping. Wider films are ideal for unitizing larger book loads for shipment or storage.

These are only a few environmentally friendly options to packaging supplies and material available that are cost effective and work well. Everything from tape to boxes should be considered to help preserve our environment.

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