Shrink Wrap Tunnels

We have recently increased our online shrink tunnel variety. We have always offered shrink tunnels, but until recently they have never been displayed and offered online. Shrink tunnels are a great option for any business with medium to high output. We often recommend our start up clients to begin with a heat shrink gun when doing low output. As production increases, a shrink tunnel should be considered.

Our larger clients are commonly familiar with shrink tunnels and the advantages they offer. Shrink tunnels offer the opportunity to:

Increase Efficiency

Increase Speed

Obtain Uniform Shrink Rates

Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Production Costs

Adjust Production Speed Based on Needs

Any company interested in using shrink wrap packaging for their products should consider using a shrink tunnel because of the numerous advantages they offer. Online we offer shrink tunnels for a multiple output levels. All tunnels offer a variety of settings and adjustments. They are great for shrinking PVC shrink film or Polyolefin shrink film. We offer other shrink tunnels for high output operations that are not listed online.

Along with individual shrink tunnels, we also offer all-in-one combination shrink systems. These systems include conveyor belts, shrink sealers, and shrink tunnels. Some of our semi-automatic and fully automatic shrink wrap systems will soon be offered online. We will also have more expensive higher output shrink systems and tunnels that are not offered online. If you are interested in any of these systems, call us at 1-800-441-5090. We would be happy to send you pricing, brochures, and answer any questions you may have.

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