Protect Car Parts and Accesories From Shipping and Storage Damage

Protecting car parts from storage and shipping damage is important for businesses who resale car parts or individuals who want to preserve a variety of car parts and accessories. Many resellers find it important to use a packaging for car parts that will contain all of the screws, nuts, bolts, etc. Individuals and collectors like to use something to preserve car parts and accessories from exterior elements that may cause the parts to lose value. Along with the ability to preserve these parts, something that allows display of the parts is important as well.

Shrink wrap is a great option for both resellers and individuals looking for a way to preserve, contain, and display a variety of parts and accessories. Shrink wrap protects form exterior elements such as: moisture, dirt, and grease. It also offers an ability to display a variety of products.

Users can use centerfold shrink film rolls, shrink bags, or shrink tubing depending on the need. Shrink bags are great for products that include a variety of parts that need to be contained. All parts can simply be put into the shrink bag, the bag can be sealed, then heat applied to contain the parts and prevent them from shifting during transport.  Tubing works great for cylindrical shaped car parts and centerfold rolls work with most any parts or accessories.

Shrink wrap is easy to use and great for many car enthusiasts and resellers. It is a product that should be considered when preservation and display are important.

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