Shrink Tunnels & Shrink Wrap Machines

This is the last post in a series that is focused on a few different machines used in the shrink wrap process. So far our series has covered heat shrink guns, I-Bar sealers, and L-Bar sealers. We are now going to focus on the shrink tunnel and how it can benefit a shrink wrap operation.

Shrink tunnels are ideal because of the increased shrink speed they offer. Shrink tunnels have become and integral part of packaging lines. Shrink tunnels or heat tunnels, are tunnels that allow products to pass through while applying heat to shrink the package to the product . Shrink tunnels commonly have a conveyor belt that transports the product in its packaging through the tunnel to apply heat to the shrink film. There are a variety of heating elements used for different shrink tunnels: infrared heaters, steam, and gas flames are all used. Having an efficient shrink tunnel that will recirculate air, will help to reduce energy costs.

Shrink tunnels are ideal for a medium-sized to large packaging operations wanting to increase efficiency and speed.

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