Wearable Shrink Wrap Machine Parts

It is common for modern machines in any industry to have wearable parts when used day in and day out. Proper machine maintenance helps to ensure machines last longer. A shrink wrap machine is no different. We have customers using our shrink wrap machines 24 hours per day. With this much usage, there are common […]

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Shrink Wrapping Chocolates

Product damage is a serious concern for anyone wrapping heat sensitive products such as chocolates. We often receive calls from confectioners concerned about packaging chocolates with heat shrink wrap. Since shrink wrapping requires heat to properly package products, melting is a legitimate concern. The good news is we have several chocolatiers as customers across the […]

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Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines

A semi-automatic shrink wrap machine is an excellent mid-level machine for companies doing several thousands of products per day. We often recommend newer, growing companies to start with manual impulse sealers or I bar sealers. These smaller less productive machines only cost a few hundred dollars and can accommodate a few hundred products of production […]

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Shrink Wrap at Home

We sell our products to companies and individuals. Many of our shrink wrap customers are small start-up businesses and individuals working from home. We often get calls from individuals who are not familiar with the shrink wrapping process. People who want to effectively and affordably packaging their products for sales, storage, or display. Often times […]

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New Shrink Wrap Machines

We are happy to announce a future increase of our shrink wrap machine and shrink system offerings. We recently released a press release highlighting the new machines. All newer listed machines will only be produced in America. We will be offering a larger selection of I-Bar machines, L-Bar machines, and shrink tunnels. We currently offer […]

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What is a Shrink Wrap Machine?

Most people interested in shrink wrapping know you must have a shrink wrap machine to shrink wrap products. What is a shrink wrap machine? Some people are unsure, some people think of the sealer and others think of the shrink tunnel as the shrink wrap machine. Both machines, the tunnel and the sealer should be […]

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