Shrink Wrap and Shrink Wrap Machines

Our last post was focused on the the different shrink wrap varieties there are to choose from. One of the main points of the post was to be sure to use polyolefin shrink wrap if the shrink wrap would be coming into direct contact with food. The chloride in the PVC shrink wrap is not good for coming into contact with food products.

We wanted to write a couple of posts about the different shrink wrap machines available to people and how it would help them with their operations. There are a variety of machines and tools used for different operations and levels of output. This post is the first in a series and will be focused on shrink wrap heat guns .

Shrink Wrap Heat Guns- Shrink wrap heat guns are used for a variety of packaging operations.  They also come in a variety of styles. A common misconception is that shrink wrap heat guns can be replaced with common household hair dryers. Shrink wrap needs to reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit to conform and seal properly. Most hair dryers do not reach that temperature.

Most recommended shrink wrap heat guns come with a variable temperature range. The ability to adjust temperature ranges will help in dealing with different types of shrink wrap and different widths of shrink wrap. Shrink wrap heat guns are used in a variety of industries to shrink multiple types of wrap.

Florist commonly use shrink wrap heat guns for shrinking gift baskets. The shrink wrap offers a professional look while assisting in keeping product in place. The shrink wrap florist commonly use is a low gauge shrink wrap that shrink with a lower required heat.

Marinas and boat dealers commonly use large shrink wrap heat guns to shrink wrap covers to boats for long term storage. Shrink wrapping boats is a great way to protect them from weather damage.

Manufacturers and repair men of a variety of electrical components commonly use shrink wrap heat guns for shrinking tubing around electrical wires. The shrink tubing helps to protect and confine the electrical wiring.

Many resellers of video games, dvd’s, and various commercial hardware use shrink wrap heat guns. Resellers of video games and dvd’s commonly use shrink wrap bags for their products and shrink the bags with a heat gun. Various commercial hardware retailers and resellers use heat shrink guns to secure products to various packaging containers.

There are a variety of uses for shrink wrap heat guns and they are an important part of many businesses packaging needs. Feel free to visit to view our shrink wrap and our shrink wrap heat guns.

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