Environmetally Friendly Stretch Film

Anyone familiar with the packaging industry is aware that a large majority of our products are petroleum based products. At U.S. Packaging & Wrapping, we care about providing our customers with quality products, while reducing costs and waste, while focusing on reducing environmental impact.

Currently, petroleum based stretch films offer the best load protection on the market. Our focus is to promote less stretch film waste and usage. The use of pre-stretched stretch film is the recommended way to help reduce waste and stretch film use. Some of the advantages of using pre-stretched stretch film are:

1. Less revolutions required to wrap pallet and so up to half the wrapping time required
2. Lighter weight roll to carry
3. Little or no stretching or pulling required and so less back strain
4. Less waste as rolls cannot be nicked
5. Less hazardous as now you can walk forward while wrapping

For more information about pre-stretched stretch film, visit our stretch film library.

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