Stretch Wrap Reference Guide

We recently posted a shrink wrap reference guide on our other packaging blog. The guide is a compilation of information and links about heat shrink wrapping products, machines, and applications. We publish a lot of content about heat shrink wrap and stretch wrap on our website and both of our blogs. Often times it can […]

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Plastic Extrusion For Stretch Film

Stretch film is commonly produced by using one of two extrusion processes, cast extrusion, and blown extrusion. At U.S. Packaging & Wrapping we only supply cast extruded film. Cast stretch film is more affordable, but does have some disadvantages over blown stretch film. For a detailed post about the advantages and disadvantages of each type […]

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Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging is generally considered any wrap or containment of a primary package. Businesses often use secondary packaging during shipping and storage to help contain, unitize, identify, and protect the products within the primary packaging. Secondary packaging can come in the form of industrial packaging or consumer packaging. Secondary industrial packaging is often not made […]

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Stretch Film Recycling

Stretch Film recycling should be important for any business receiving goods with stretch wrapped objects. Manufacturers of stretch film have began to use alternative resin formulas to help reduce environmental impact. These films are stronger and use less petroleum than traditional stretch wrap products. The reduction in waste and lowered petroleum consumption helps to lower […]

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Pre Stretch Film Comparison

Pre stretch film uses a traditional gauged stretch film and stretches the film up to 90% of the maximum stretch rate. Once the film is stretched, it is rolled onto the roll. There are several advantages to using a pre stretch film. Below are a few reasons to use pre stretch film as well as […]

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